User Defined Options

You can customize your boarding eScorecards by modifying, adding or deleting the system defaults. (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Misc. Settings-->User Defined Options).  If you don’t see this menu option in your system you will need to enable it for your employee type: Click here for details.

Caution: Historical data can be compromised when making changes to names/options that have been used in scorecards. The eScorecard pages display only current options so visibility to the old options will be limited to the spreadsheets. This can be particularly impactful when referencing data for past dates/boarding appointments. Please take that into consideration before making any changes. It is recommended to make changes only after saving historical data so that it can be referenced outside of PetExec.

  1. To add a new option, select the category (Feeding status, medication status, Elimination Status), name the option, enter the number of the sort order for the option in the drop down, enter a color and Icon if desired.  Click Add Option
  2. Click the Edit the option.  The option will appear on the Add/Modify User Define Options section.  Make any changes and click modify option.  If current options have been selected on pet’s eScorecard, and option names are modified here, the entries will be removed from pet’s eScorecard to prevent misreporting of data.
  3. Click to delete the option.  If the options have been selected on pet’s eScorecards, deleting will delete those entries from the pet’s eScorecard.

Note: Elimination Status icons are not currently displayed, but have been added for future use.

User defined options in the Boarding eScorecard:


User defined options in the Boarding Daily To-Do for feeding and Medications only:​

For additional details on updating boarding eScorecards please see the Boarding eScorecard Overview.

Last Modified: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 07:20 PM