Boarding eScorecard Options

Boarding eScorecard Options allows you to customize options to add to your boarding eScorecards. (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Boarding Settings-->Boarding eScorecard Options).  If you don’t see this menu option in your system you will need to enable it for your employee type: Click here for details.In the following example shows options using each of the different available types:

Caution: Historical data can be compromised when making changes to names/options that have been used in scorecards. The eScorecard pages display only current options so visibility to the old options will be limited to the spreadsheets. This can be particularly impactful when referencing data for past dates/boarding appointments. Please take that into consideration before making any changes. It is recommended to make changes only after saving historical data so that it can be referenced outside of PetExec.

To add options:

  1. Click on an unused item
  2. Enter the name of the option in the label field
  3. Select the Type.  The options shown below show the different types of options available:
    • Checkboxes allow more than one selection.
    • Radio Buttons allow only one selection.
    • File Upload – 1 per day allowed. 
    • Text area allows for carriage returns and a larger text area.
    • Text field provides a smaller, more limited text area.
  4. Check “Use” to include the option in your boarding eScorecards
  5. Click “Modify Sections” to save your changes. To modify an option, click on the option name. If the options have been selected on pet’s eScorecards, modifying the options will impact the entries on the pet’s eScorecard.


Boarding eScorecard Options added here will appear in the Custom Input sections of the eScorecard and can be updated from the eScorecard and the Boarding eScorecard To-Do.The Boarding Daily To-Do includes only feeding and medication.

Pet's eScorecard with Custom Options shown above:


When custom options are added, the Boarding eScorecard To-Do report will display the number updated and the number of options..Hover over to see the updates:

For additional details on updating boarding eScorecards please see the Boarding eScorecard Overview.


Last Modified: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 07:20 PM