How can I use Gift Certificates in PetExec?

PetExec provides a “Gift Certificate” payment type and you can add “gift certificate” products to your PetExec system.  You can then sell the gift certificate product, and choose the “Gift Certificate” payment type when redeeming a gift certificate for any services.

The following are general suggestions on how to use PetExec to process gift certificates:

1.      Create a gift certificate product/service.

  • Here is a document on Adding Retail Products & Services.  
  • We recommend creating a service type of “gift certificates” for your gift certificate product.  You can then track gift certificate sales by using the “Stats by Service Type” report.

2.      Sell a gift certificate as you would any other retail product.  

3.      When the gift certificate is presented as payment, you will process it as you would any other payment using the "Gift Certificate" payment type.

PetExec does not track the sale and the subsequent redemption of a unique gift certificate. In PetExec, this process will function like the sale of any retail item, and the redemption is simply a payment type.   If tracking of the individual, unique gift certificates is necessary you may need to create a process for your business to do that.  This can vary greatly from business to business depending on many variables.

If you would like individual help creating a business process that will be a good fit for your business, consider purchasing a one hour custom coaching session with one of our  PetExec coaches.  Coaching can be reached at or 888-738-3935 ext. 2.

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:32 PM