I am changing my boarding pricing, what is the best way to update PetExec with the new pricing?

You have a few options for updating your pricing in PetExec depending on how you want to roll out your new pricing:

Update Pricing and make effective for just new appointments going forward, leaving current boarding appointments at the current price point.

Option 1:  Update your current products and services in the system to reflect the new rates. 

  • New boarding appointments will reflect the updated price for the boarding services selected.
  • Boarding appointments already signed in or scheduled will continue to reflect the old pricing unless they are rebuilt.  Boardings are typically rebuilt automatically by PetExec if there are changes to either the boarding dates or boarding services.

If you update your pricing this way, there is the possibility that the boarding may pull in the new updated pricing if rebuilt by the system.  If that happens, you can modify the prices back to the old prices in the Daily Details page of the boarding. (See note about rebuiding boardings below.)

Option 2:  Add new boarding products and services with the new pricing and use those products and services when scheduling boarding appointments going forward.  Once you have phased out all of the “old” pricing, you can delete those products and services.  This method will ensure that your current boardings are not impacted by a rebuild, but does required you to essentially duplicate all of your boarding services in the system.

Update pricing and make effective for all boardings in the system (both signed in and future scheduled):

Option 3:  Update your current products and services in the system to reflect the new rates and rebuild all boardings.  When PetExec rebuilds a boarding, it basically re-queries your products and services and pulls in the updated price points for the products and services. There is a easy way to rebuild ALL boardings in the system using holiday boarding dates.  Even though your price change does not have anything to do with holiday boarding dates, there is a feature in Maintain Holiday Boarding Dates that allows for rebuilding all boardings.  (See note about rebuilding boardings below.)

Here's how to rebuild all boardings:

Menu-->Company Preferences-->Boarding Settings-->Maintain Holiday Boarding Dates:

  1. Choose Selected Date
  2. Enter a date in the past (we just need to enter a date to trigger the rebuild)
  3. Select the Rebuild Future Boardings checkbox
  4. Click Add Holidays

Once your “holiday” has been added and your boardings have been rebuilt, all signed in boardings and scheduled boardings will reflect the new product pricing.You can then delete the holiday boarding date.(Adding the date is the action in PetExec that allows for the rebuilding of all boardings, once we have updated all boardings we don’t need that date any longer).

There is also a log history created on each boarding to reflect the rebuild done via the Holiday Dates.

You also have the option to individually “rebuild a boarding” on the modify boarding page, if you want to pick and choose which boardings to rebuild.  Simply click the “Rebuild Boarding” checkbox and click “Update Boarding Information”.

A Note about Rebuilding boardings:

If you have used "Daily Details" to create any “custom boardings," then rebuilding a boarding will remove any of those custom boarding settings and return them to the default services, pricing/kennels.  It may also change the appointment dates for grooming and/or scheduled services depending on preference setting. (The relevant preferences are Automatically Change Grooming Date​ & Automatically Change Scheduled Service Date​).

If you use Daily Details frequently to customize your boardings, then you may not want to rebuild all boardings, and you may prefer to use option 2 above.


Last Modified: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 09:17 AM