Add & Maintain Pet Breeds

PetExec has a default list of pet breeds.  You can add breeds to this list to accommodate your client's pets. Begin in the PetExec menu-->Pet Breeds-->Add Breed or Modify Existing Breed.  Breeds added here will appear in the breed drop down list when added a pet to your PetExec system.

To add a Pet Breed:

  1. Select the Pet Type
  2. If using Alternative Price Types, use this field to select the alternative price type for the breed.  Alternative price types are defined in Company Preferences-->Miscellaneous Settings-->Alternative Price Types.  These price types are used for GROOMING products/services to define a specific price point by breed for a grooming service.  Click for more information on Alternative Price Types.
  3. Breed name
  4. Breed picture, optional.
  5. Click to Add Breed.

‚ÄčTo modify a Pet Breed:

You will see a list of all breeds in your PetExec system.  You can search to find a breed.  

  1. Click to Edit a breed.  You can modify all the fields above.
  2. Click to delete a breed.  A breed must not have any pets associated with it to be deleted.


The Breed Report is helpful to view a list of pets by breed.  From the PetExec Menu--Reports-->Breed Report.  Click on the number of pets associated with a breed to see a list of those pets.


Last Modified: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 11:33 AM