How do I add customers’ existing daycare packages from another software/system/process to their account in PetExec?

Here are the steps to add existing daycare packages to a customer’s account.  Details, including screen shots, are shown below.

Step 1. Create a daycare package product & service called “Carry Over Package”

Step 2. Complete an Owner Purchase to add the package to an owner’s account

Step 3. Modify the package on the owner account so that it reflects the appropriate number of days and expiration date if appropriate.

Details and Screen Shots:

Step 1: Create a daycare package product.

  1. Product/Service name, we suggest calling it “carry over package”.
  2. Service type = Daycare Package
  3. Price  = $0
  4. Quantity  = 1
  5. Select Number of days, number of days active = 999
  6. Add product/service

We will use this same package for all carryover packages, and just modify the package once it has been added to the owner’s account.

Note: you can use an existing package and change the dollar amount to $0, however, PetExec best practice recommends creating a carry-over package for ease in reporting. This will eliminate $0 orders for your regular package products.

Step 2: Add the package to the owner’s account by doing an owner purchase.  From the Owner menu, select owner purchase, select the carry over package product and select one of the following:

Purchase and Place in Cart or Purchase and Checkout.

Purchase and place in cart:  If the owner has a pet(s) signed into a service and you don’t want to sign them out, click purchase and place in cart.  You will get a confirmation message, you are done! You can process the $0 transaction when you sign the pet out of the service.  By placing the package in the cart, you have made the package available for use.  When you are ready to sign the pet out of the service, you can process the order and use the package for that days service.  Here is an example of an owner's cart when the package has been added.

Purchase and Checkout:  Purchase and checkout if there is no pet signed in currently. You can then modify the package, and it will be ready for use at the next appointment.

When checking out the package, since it is a $0 product, you can enter “no payment” for the payment type and process the order.  We do recommend adding a note to the order for your records to indicate you are adding a carryover package to the customer’s account as well as any additional details relevant for your business.

If you had additional products/services included in the order you can enter the payment type for those products and services and process the order.


Step 3: Modify the package on the owner record.  Begin in the owner menu-->Maintain Packages.  The carry over package you just added via Owner Purchase will be displayed.  Click on the button to modify the details of the package.

  1. End date is the date the package is set to expire.  If the carry over package had an expiration date you can enter it here.  The expiration date calculated from the product settings will be displayed.
  2. Package note will be displayed on the daycare dashboard and at checkout when using the package for a service; it is not a required field.
  3. Number left is the number of days left in the package for this owner.
  4. When modifying a package a note is required. 
  5. Click Modify Daycare Package.  

Done!  When you sign that pet into daycare, you will see the carryover package selected for use based on your application preference settings.

You will have to complete steps 2 & 3 for each owner with a carryover package.  An owner purchase is the only way to put a package on an owner’s account to use it for future services.

These steps describe adding a Daycare Package.  If you have "Other Packages" like dog walks, grooming services those can be added in the same way.  The Carry Over Package product should be set up as an "other package" service type.


Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:33 PM