Scheduled Revenue Report

The Scheduled Revenue Report is an estimate. 

The Scheduled Revenue Report gives the totals for scheduled daycares, scheduled boardings, scheduled groomings and scheduled services over a date or a date range.

Please note the following:

  1. Scheduled appointments that were no shows will be reflected in this estimate.  If a boarding status is changed to deleted, it will not be included in this report.
  2. Daycare & Other Packages: Scheduled Revenue does not include daycare or other package uses that may be used during that period as we cannot predict the future regarding package uses that may or may not be available. The amount of the daycare and other services scheduled will be reflected in this report, even if they are using a package for those service.
  3. Boarding Packages: Scheduled Revenue does include boarding packages as they set the price of the boarding to $0.00 and are selected in the boarding. 
  4. Boarding: Scheduled Revenue estimates boarding based on the total amount of boarding services scheduled for each day of the range selected.  It is calculated based on the numbers in the daily details of the scheduled boarding over the days included in the report. The estimate will reflect pricing affected by application preferences, holiday rates, custom pricing, boarding deposits and other factors. This estimate calculates the scheduled boardings that are in progress and is calculated on a per day basis (some of these boardings will begin before the selected time frame and some will end after the selected time frame).
  5. The amounts are based on services scheduled on a daily basis and may not be an accurate representation of the actual funds that will be collected on any given date.

To access the Scheduled Revenue Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Accounting Reports-->Scheduled Revenue report.

  1. Select start date and end date for report.
  2. Click "Display Revenue"
  3. The data is displayed with the date/time stamp it was created.
  4. Click to download into excel.​


Last Modified: Friday, July 28, 2017 at 01:22 PM