How do I automatically charge an additional fee if boarding pets are not picked up by a certain time?

PetExec can automatically add a fee to a boarding if a specific boarding end time has been reached.  Here are the steps!

  1. Turn on Application Preference "Enable Daycare After Boarding"
  2. Create late fee product (if necessary)
  3. Set Boarding End Time default and modify boarding end time on existing reservations.

1.  Begin in the PetExec menu,Company Preferences--> Application Preferences-->Boarding-->Enable Daycare After Boarding.  This preference controls the addition of the fee. Check the box and select an available daycare service. 


The drop down box displays all your products/service with a “daycare” service type.  If you charge a late pick up fee that is not an existing daycare care product, add a product and service.

2. To add a products/service, go to the PetExec menu-->Products/Services-->Add Product.  You can name whatever you like (i.e. Boarding Late Pick Up Fee), but it must be a service type of “daycare” to be selected in the above application preference. Once the late fee product has been added, you can select it in the above application preference.

3. The Boarding End Time in the boarding appointment is how PetExec determines WHEN to add the fee.  The preference we turned on in step one “adds the selected service to the cart when boarding is over IF the schedule boarding end time has been reached” For the fee to work correctly, you must set your boarding end time to the time that this fee takes effect.  For example, if you policy is that you charge a half day of daycare after 1 pm, the boarding end time should be set to 1 pm. 

There is a default for the boarding end time in Application Preferences-->Boarding-->Default Boarding End Time

Setting this preference will set the boarding end time by default for new boarding reservations, so you don’t have to remember to set it for each boarding reservation.  However, if you have existing boarding reservations, you will need to update the boarding end time for those existing reservations. Here is the field on the modify boarding screen:


The customer requested pick up time, is the field you can use to note when the customer is picking up the pet, without affecting the additional fees.

If you add a new “daycare” product for the boarding late pick up fee, you may need to adjust your sort order for your daycare products so that it does not become your default daycare product.  To do this go to products/services.  Search for “daycare”.  The sort order field here will control the sort order in the daycare drop down.  There is no way to exclude the “late pick up fee” product from your daycare drop down, because it is a “daycare” service type it will be included in that drop down list.


Last Modified: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 11:27 AM