How do I enable new features released as part of a PetExec software update for my PetExec system?

Begin in the PetExec m​enu under Employees-->Maintain Employee Types.

Click the edit button next to the employee type that you wish to enable with the new menu options.  PetExec recommends always adding the new menu options to the "Administrator" employee type at a minimum.

Next, select Modify Menu Items Only.  

Menu items that are added as part of a new PetExec release will appear with the box unchecked.  Go through each menu option and check the boxes to add all those menu options to employee type selected in the first step.  Adding those menu options will enable those features and functions for that employee type!  Remember, each employee set up in PetExec has an associated employee type.  These menu item changes need to be done for each of the employee types that you want to have access to the new menu options.  The following are the new menu options that need to be added to advantage of the new features included in PetExec 3.2.

Last Modified: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 10:41 PM