My owners/clients can no longer see boarding, daycare or grooming services when they are scheduling appointments through the PetExec Owner Portal, why not?

As a PetExec administrator, you can choose which of your daycare, boarding, grooming and scheduled services products your owners have access to when they are logged into the PetExec portal.  Simply check the "make available to owner" checkbox in the Modify Products/services screen.

Begin in the PetExec menu-->Products & Service-->Maintain Products/Services

  1. Leave the seach criteria blank and PetExec will display all of your products and services.  Click search.
  2. The "Show to Owner" field for all products and services is displayed on the far right.  Click the "Show to Owner" checkbox for those products/services that you would like your owners to be able to see in the PetExec Owner portal when they are scheduling daycare, boarding, or requesting grooming or scheduled service appointments. 
  3. When you click on an unselected checkbox, it will turn green indicating it has successfully updated.
  4. Click on the column heading "Type" to sort your products/services by service type for easier updating. 

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:51 PM