Add Vaccination Type

The Add Vaccination Type menu option allows you to add additional Vaccination types to your system if necessary.  Vaccinations like Bordatella, distemper, parvovirus and rabies are important to keep track of for the safety of the pets in your facility.  PetExec helps you to monitor vaccinations and communications with owners to help keep pets in compliance with your business requirements.

Vaccination types added here will become part of the Vaccination Information for all pet records that match the associated pet type. To access the Add Vaccination Type menu begin in the PetExec Menu-->Vaccinations--Add Vaccination Type

1) Select the pet type.  Vaccinations are associated with a pet type (i.e. Dog, Cat etc) 

2) Name the Vaccination. (i.e. Canine Rabies, Feline Rabies, etc)

3) Frequency is for internal use only to indicate how often that vaccination type should be updated.

4) Marking a vaccination type required will drive the following behavior in PetExec: 

  • Requires a date in the Vaccination Information fields in the pet record IF the Application Preference  "Required Pet Vaccination Dates" is selected. If Vaccination types are marked required and the “Required Pet Vaccination Dates” preference is unchecked, the date fields can be left blank in the pet record.
  • Includes the vaccination type in the __VACCINATIONLIST__ DRV value which is used in various email templates. 
  • Triggers the vaccination reminder email. Only "required" vaccination types will trigger the vaccination reminder email.  Expired dates in the vaccination types that are not marked "required" will not trigger the vaccination reminder email.
  • Includes the vaccination type in the vaccination icons on the dashboards. If not marked required, expired vaccinations will not be included in the vaccination icons which appear on the dashboard. (Note:  all vaccinations will appear in the pet menu drop down, regardless of vaccination type settings).
  • Required vaccination types work in conjunction with the “Disable Owner Scheduling if Vaccinations are Expired”. Expired dates in the non-required vaccination types will still allow appointment scheduling.


PetExec recommends marking all vaccination types "required" if you want them included in emails and with the vaccination icons throughout the system.  You can use the "Required Pet Vaccination Dates" application to enforce adding expiration dates to the vaccination fields in the pet record.

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Last Modified: Friday, July 10, 2020 at 01:13 PM