Product On-Hand Report

The Product On-Hand Report shows all of the products that are identified for inventory tracking.  The report provides a list of all products being tracked and provides a quick link to update the product's relevant information. The report can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

Note:  If the product has not been selected to be tracked it will not show up in the report. To mark a product, go to Main Menu -->​ Products & Services -->​ Maintain Products or Services. Then search for the product, click on the edit button to go to the Modify Product or Service page. Once there, make sure the 'Track Quantity Left' box is checked.


To access the Product On-Hand Report begin in the PetExec Main Menu -->Reports-->Product On-Hand Report.

1.  You can choose to edit any of your products by clicking the 'Edit' button. This will open the 'Modify Product or Service' page.

2.  Click the 'Download the On-Hand Spreadsheet' button to download an Excel Spreadsheet of the report.



The spreadsheet contains the following columns: Product Name, Service Type, SKU, Retail Price, Vendor Price, Holiday Price, Quantity On-Hand, Vendor(s), Notes, Vendor Notes


Last Modified: Monday, April 29, 2019 at 08:56 AM