Paw Point Report

The Paw Point Report shows all owners with Paw Points and how many Paw Points they have accumulated.  By default, results are ordered by the most points.  Clicking on the headers will sort the results by that header.  Clicking on the last name will open the Modify Owner screen in a new window.  You have the option to select to see which owners currently have points, or which owners have Paw Points during the selected period.


To access the Paw Point Report begin in the Pet Exec Menu -->Reports-->Paw Point Report.

1.  To see all the owners who have Paw Points accumulated in the report, click the circle under Current Points.

2.  To see all the owners who have Paw Points during a selected date range, click on the Points during Date Range circle, and enter a start date and an end date in the start and end date boxes.

3.  Click the Search button to being your search.

4.  If you wish to sort by any of the fields, click the arrows at the top of the column you would like to sort by.

5.  Clicking on any owner's name will take you to the modify owner screen in a different tab.  You can get back to the report by exiting the tab or Clicking on the Paw Points Report tab in the same window.

6.  To print the report click the 'Click to Print this Report' button.

7.  To download an Excel spreadsheet, click the 'Generate Spreadsheet' button.


Last Modified: Friday, August 12, 2016 at 11:47 AM