Daily In-House Report

The Daily In-House Report gives you a snapshot of Daycare and Incoming and Outgoing Boardings for each day during a Selected Date Range.  This report can be downloaded to Excel or printed.

Note:  Daycare pets are counted directly from the billing system (existing orders). (Typically, this is signed out pets, but will also include daycare items manually added to orders. The qty is not taken into account. Each line item counts as 1 for this report.)

Note:  Due to the way boardings are counted, we are counting to see if the current date in the range falls within a boarding date range for active boardings.  The last day of the boarding is NOT counted since it is assumed they checked out.

Note:  This report can take a long time to run if a large date range is used.

Note:  The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of dogs (versus cats, etc.) in the boarding.

To access the Daily In-House Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Daily In-House Report

1.  Select a start and end date in the search box by entering a date in the format indicated or select your date from the dropdown calendar.

2.  Click 'Search' button to create the report.

3. Click on any of the In-House Daycare numbers to open the Daily In-House Report Detail in a separate tab. This will show the order details for that day.

4.  Click the 'Click here to download the report to Excel'  button to download an Excel spreadsheet of the results.

5.  Click on the 'Click to Print this Page' button to send the report to your printer.


Daily In-House Report Detail 

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