Scheduled Service Report

The Scheduled Service Report generates a list of completed scheduled services from a chosen service category by one employee or all employees for any given date range.  You can go to modify orders in this report by clicking on an Order ID.  You can also change Employee data for an order by clicking on Employee name for an order.  This report can be downloaded to Excel.

Note:  If searching for a specific employee, only line items associated with that employee are shown. 

Note:  Tips are not assigned to a specific employee, but to an order.  They are shown regardless of the selected employee.

Note:  If an employee was not assigned during the Scheduled Services Schedule and through checkout, the Employee field will be marked as unknown and can be found by selecting all employees in the search.

Note:  Scheduled Service items that were added to a cart via owner purchase will not have an employee assigned.

To access the Scheduled Service Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Scheduled Service Report

From the Scheduled Service Report page you have the following options:

1.  Select a date range by entering a start date and an end date in the respective boxes by either entering the date on your keyboard in the format mm/dd/yyyy or by selecting your date from the drop down calendar.

2.  Select a Scheduled Service Category from the associated dropdown box.

3.  Select a specific Employee or All Employees from the Employee dropdown box.

4.  Click Return Report to view your results.

5.  Clicking on the Order ID will take you to the modify order menu for that order in a separate tab.  When you are done, exit that tab to return to the report, or just select the Owner Purchase Report tab in your window.

6.  Clicking on the Employee assigned to an order will take you to the modify Employee screen for that order in the same tab. Make your changes and click Update Employee to be taken back to the report menu.  Run the report again to see your changes.

7.  Clicking the 'Click here to download to Excel' button will download the spreadsheet to Excel.

Last Modified: Sunday, August 07, 2016 at 02:51 PM