Grooming Report

The Grooming Report returns a list of completed grooming orders for the selected date range.  You can specify one groomer or all groomers to view.  If no groomer was assigned to the order, the groomer field will say unknown.  Clicking on the Groomer link in the Groomer field will take you to to the modify Groomer page for that order if you wish to assign a groomer at this time.  Clicking on the Order ID for a specific order will take you to the modify order screen for the selected order in a new tab.

Note:  In order to pull a record for a given groomer, the groomer will have to have been assigned during the grooming schedule and through checkout.  While this report shows all orders that contain grooming items as part of the order, items that were added to a cart via owner purchase will NOT have a groomer assigned.

Note: When searching for a specific groomer, only line items associated with that groomer are shown.

Note:  Tips are not assigned to a specific groomer, but are assigned to each order.

To access the Grooming Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Grooming Report.

From the Grooming Report page you have the following options:

1.  Select a date range by entering a start date and an end date in the respective boxes by either entering the date on your keyboard in the format mm/dd/yyyy or by selecting your date from the drop down calendar.

2.  Select a Groomer if you wish, or default to a report for all groomers.

3.  Toggle the box for Disable notes if you do not want to see grooming notes in this report.

4.  Click on the 'Return Report' button to generate the Grooming Report.

5.  Clicking on any order ID will take you to the Modify Order Menu for that order in a new tab.  Exiting the tab will bring you back to the report.  You can also return to the report by selecting the Grooming Report tab in your window.

6.  Clicking on a Groomer in the Groomer field will take you to the Modify Groomer page in the same tab for that order.  Change the groomer in the groomer field and click update Groomer to assign a groomer to an unassigned grooming, or change the groomer designated.  After you click the Update Groomer button, you will be taken back to the Grooming Report screen.  Click the Return Report button to see your changes.

7.  Click the 'Print' Button to print this report.

8.  Click the 'Click here to download to Excel' button to download an excel spreadsheet for this report.



Last Modified: Friday, August 05, 2016 at 02:01 PM