Boarding by Scheduled Date Report

The Boarding by Scheduled Date Report will return all boardings that were scheduled on a given day.  It is designed to show all the appointments that were created on a given day. Forgot who you scheduled for boarding yesterday, or last Friday? This is the report you want.

You can download this report to an Excel Spreadsheet if needed.  Get more information on a boarding by clicking on the Boarding ID number for any boarding.

To access the Boarding by Scheduled Date Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Boarding by Scheduled Date

1.  Enter a date in the search box and click Search to pull up all appointments scheduled on that day.

2.  If you wish to view the boarding details of a particular appointment, click on the Boarding ID. This will open that appointment in a different tab on your browser.  To return to the report, close the tab when you are done, or select the Boarding by Scheduled Date tab.

3. Email - This uses the default email client on the devise you are on.

4.  Click the 'Download Spreadsheet' button to download an Excel spreadsheet of the results.

Spreadsheet example:

Excel columns: Boarding ID, Start Date, End Date, Services(s), Owner, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Pets

Last Modified: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 06:58 PM