Systino/Listen360 Report

The Systino/Listen360 Report will download an excel spreadsheet with the customer data for sales over the selected time frame.  The excel spreadsheet can then be uploaded to Systino/Listen360 or other marketing firm to generate feedback to help grow your business.

To access the Systino/Listen360 Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Systino/Listen360 Report.

From the Systino/Listen360 Report page you have the following options:

1.  Select a date range by entering a start date and an end date in the respective boxes by either entering the date on your keyboard in the format mm/dd/yyyy or by selecting your date from the drop down calendar.

2. Click Search to download an excel spreadsheet for that date range.



After you select search you will download an excel spreadsheet.  Your browser settings will dictate where that spreadsheet is downloaded.  For many browsers the default is your downloads folder.  Excel may also automatically open your spreadsheet, it will look similar to the example below.


Last Modified: Monday, August 01, 2016 at 02:54 PM