Service Type History

The Service Type History Report allows you to view the number of instances a service has been used by owners.  You have the options to view the order history for a chosen Service used by a particular owner and to download the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

To access the Service Type History Report begin in the Pet Exec Menu -->Reports-->Service Type History.

1.  Select your range of dates to begin your search.  Enter a date in the Start date box and a date in the End date box by either entering the date in the correct format (mm/dd/yyyy) or selecting the dates using the drop down calendar.

2.  Select your choice of Service Type using the drop down arrow.

3.  If you want to include orders that have only one instance, click the Show Single Instances bo to see those orders on the report as well.

4.  Click the Search button to begin your search and pull up the report.

5 . If you wish to view the history for orders for that service, click the Edit  button on the record you would like to view.

6.  Click on the Download spreadsheet button to download an Excel spreadsheet for this report.


Last Modified: Monday, August 01, 2016 at 11:36 AM