Stats Report - By Service Type

The Service Statistics By Service Type Report will give you the Quantity and Total of amounts charged by Service Type and the option to View Details for any given Service Type on any orders related to the chosen service type.  Individual orders can be viewed by clicking on the Order ID..  You can download this report to Excel or print it if desired.

Note: Charges are to a specific service and do not include discounts applied to an order or any applicable taxes.  Boardings are the exception to the rule and will show the total number of days (if PetExec is calculating days) or in the case of hourly boardings,  the number of boardings.  Boarding deposits that are taken off at checkout due to preference settings will show a NEGATIVE amount which will throw off the boarding amount since they are pre-paid on a separate order sometime previously.


To access the Service Statistics By Service Type Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Service Statistics By Service Type.

From the Service Statistics By Service Type page you have the following options:

1.  Click on the Select a date box and enter a start and end date.

2.  Click Search to pull up the report.

3.  Click the 'View Details'  button to the right of any service type row to get more information on orders that are related to that type.

4.  Download the report to an Excel Spreadsheet.

After you click the View Details Button (Step 3 on above image) you will be taken to Orders that are related to that specific Service Type.

Your options in this menu are to:

1.  Get more information on a particular Order.

2.  Print or download the spreadsheet, or close the window when you are finished.

Last Modified: Monday, August 01, 2016 at 03:07 PM