Billing Report

The Billing Report is a spreadsheet customized by date range and payment type that can be sorted by Order ID, Original Order Date, Process Date, Charge, Payment Type, Tax or Owner (and other options). 

To access the Billing Report begin in the PetExec Menu-->Reports-->Billing Report.

From the Billing Report page you have the following options:

1. Select a date range by entering a start date and an end date in the respective boxes by either entering the date on your keyboard in the format mm/dd/yyyy or by selecting your date from the drop down calendar.

2. Select the Payment type by clicking the down arrow in the payment Type box and selecting the Payment type you would like.

3. Click Search to bring up the report.


The results are color coded to indicate whether the record is a Payment order (pink), a Pre-Payment order (orange), a Credit to Owner (blue) or a Balance Adjustment (green).  Multiple payment histories against the order are in gray.

While inside the report you have the option to click on an individual Order ID (see red arrow) which will then display the receipt for the order in a new window.  From there you can see more details of the requested order, and make changes to that order.  Close the receipt window to return to the report.



If you choose to select an Order Id to view, you will be taken to a new window tab to view the receipt:


If you wish to export your report to Excel or print the report, You will see these options by scrolling to the bottom of the Billing Report page.

1.  Download the Billing Report to Excel

2.  Print This Page


The information icon above the Billing Menu provides additional information that is valuable when trying to balance this report:










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