Paw Points

Paw Points are points that an owner can accumulate through purchases.  If you choose to use Paw Points, you can assign a price (point value) for how much a point is worth in Company Preferences -> Maintain Company Info.  For example, setting the Paw Point value to "0.05" as indicated below will make each point equal five cents.

Next, assign the number of points to any applicable products and services in Products & Services -> Maintain Products or Services.  In this example, we are giving a Full Day Daycare product a point value of 20 paw points.  That means that each day of daycare will earn $1 (20 points x .05 cents/point = 1.00).

Once you have completed those two steps, it is easy!  PetExec will track the points based on owner purchases. You can see owner paw point balances in the owner's profile, when checking out, or when modifying orders. Below is the "Modify Owner" page for reference.  Click the "Redeem Points" button to redeem points and apply a credit to the account.

You can enter the amount of points to redeem and click the "Redeem points" button to process the transaction. The dollar amount you are crediting is displayed in the Redeem Value field. This creates and order and reflects the credit on the owner's account.

Once points are redeemed, they are displayed on the customer's account as a credit balance.  You can see the credit balance on their account.  You can also see the Paw Point redemption in the owner's purchase history as an owner payment.  The payment type will be reflected as "Paw Points".

You also have the option to Restrict Paw Points to selected pet owners. Frist, enable the application preference "Restrict Paw Points" to allow the system to only calculate paw points for selected pet owners.  From the menu-->Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Category = Miscellaneous, filter for Paw Points.

restrict paw points 2.jpg (74 KB)


Second, search for and modify the pet owners you would like to earn points and check the "Paw Point Capable" checkbox in Modify Owner to allow those owners to redeem points. 

restrict paw points owner 2.jpg (188 KB)

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