Add Temp Test

To schedule a temp test begin in the PetExec menu under Temperament Testing-->Add Temp Test.

  1. Select the date for the temp test.
  2. Enter the Pet's name.
  3. Click Search to find the pet and continue scheduling.

Once the pet is identified you have the following scheduling options for a temp test:

  1. If there are multiple pets for an owner, you will see them listed here.  Select the pet or pets you wish to schedule.
  2. Modify the date of the temp test, and select an estimated sign in time.
  3. Assign the temp test to an employee if desired.  
  4. Select an associated daycare for the temp test.  This will SCHEDULE the selected daycare service for that pet for the same date as the temperament test.  **See additional details below related to the daycare products/services.
  5. Enter a duration.  The default unit of time for temperament tests is HOURS.
  6. Enter notes if desired and click "Add Temp Test".

**Additional Notes related to Daycare products/services:

Any products/services with service type of "daycare" will appear in this drop down list.  You can create a product/service called "Temperament Test Daycare" with the associated dollar amount, or zero dollars.  If that product is selected, you will see these pets scheduled for daycare with the "Temperament Test Daycare" service, and you can easily identify them on your daycare dashboard.   When you sign the pets in and out of this service, you will retain that information as part of that owner purchase history, therefore, having a record of the temperament test and when it occurred for a pet/owner.


Last Modified: Friday, April 22, 2016 at 05:24 PM