What is the best way to enter or process a coupon into PetExec?

If coupons are a part of your business model, and easy way to enter them in PetExec is to create a product for the coupon, and add it to the customer's cart at checkout.  Begin in the PetExec menu under Products & Services-->Add Product/Service.

  1. Name the product/service.  If you have multiple coupons you can create one product for each coupon, or you can create one coupon product, and just modify the price at checkout.
  2. Select the service type of "product." You also have the option of creating a "service type" called "coupon" if you would like additional reporting by service type for your coupon transactions.  See documentation Add Service Type for additional detail. 
  3. Set the price for the coupon as a NEGATIVE value.  This will subtract that amount at checkout.

Once you have added the product/service, you can simply add it to the customers cart at checkout.

 From the Order Confirmation screen click the "Add Product Button"

From the Add Product/Service Screen

  1. Filter by using "Coupon" and click filter to easily identify the product.
  2. Click "Select" to select the product.
  3. Click Purchase and Return to Pre-Checkout Confirmation.

From the Order Confirmation screen you can now see the Coupon product, the amount of the coupon applied to the order, and the revised subtotal.  You can then complete the checkout process.  The customer will see the coupon on the receipt as well.


Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:52 PM