Pet Play Areas Dashboard

The Pet Play Areas feature is designed to be flexible and customizable.  The following are some guidelines:

  • Define your own play areas in the system and their maximum occupancy. (see Add/Maintain Play Areas)
  • Assign one play area or multiple play areas per pet in the Pet Record (see Modify Existing Pet)
  • When a Pet is signed into Daycare they are signed into the associated Play Area as well.

To access the Pet Play Areas

  1. Click on the icon on the PetExec Menu Carousel.
  2. Pets are listed in the associated play area.  The occupancy is calculated.  Note, you can be over 100% occupancy.  The occupancy is a guideline, the system does not have any controls around the occupancy. In the example below, Ajax is assigned to two play areas, so he appears in both play areas.  The outdoor playground is at 200% occupancy because the max occupancy is set at 1, and there are 2 pets assigned. PetExec will allow you to go over the maximum occupancy when adding pets to the play areas.

Allowed Play Areas assigned to Ajax in the Modify Pet screen:


Last Modified: Friday, March 11, 2016 at 07:45 PM