Daycare Quick Check-In

Daycare quick check in is available from the the following locations in PetExec.  (If you do not see the Daycare Quick Check-in option in either of these places see steps below for how to enable).

  1. ​PetExec Menu under Daycare & Boarding-->Daycare Quick Check-in.
  2. Daycare dashboard 



When you click the Daycare Quick Check-in button 

  1.  Enter some text into the supplied search box. Search by pet name, owner first name, last name, email address, or if you have a a scanned barcode, the barcode for the owner or pet.
  2. If there is one result and the "Automatically Sign-In" checkbox is checked, the system will automatically sign them into daycare with the default daycare type listed. Default daycare product is displayed above the search box. See Daycare Sort Order for more information on how to set that order. If they are also scheduled for daycare that day, it will use the selected daycare type associated with the Scheduled Daycare. If there is more than one result, a list of pets will be shown and they will have to be selected to be signed into daycare.
  3. Click "Search and Sign In".  If the pet is successfully signed in you will see a confirmation message in green on the screen.

There two application preferences that are important to the Daycare Quick Check-in. From the PetExec Menu under Company Preferences-->application preferences-->daycare:​

Automatic Sign-In: When selected, will set the checkbox in the "Daycare Quick Check-in" screen when quickly signing in a single pet.  This will use the default daycare type (defined by sort order).  Unchecked, it will simply redirect to the sign-in page to manually select options.


Automatically Select Package: When Selected it will automatically select the first package in a list. This preference will enable this option for both the daycare quick check-in and a regular daycare check-in.

If you don't see the Daycare Quick Check-in option, you will need to modify your employee type to add the Daycare Quick Check-in feature, or see your administrator to make this change for your employee type.  See Modify Employee Type for additional details.

Daycare Quick Check-in: Is located under the Daycare and Boarding Menu from the modify employee type.  Checking the box will enable the day care quick check in feature and make it accessible by Employee Type.

Last Modified: Friday, March 11, 2016 at 06:24 PM