Add Service Type

To add a Service type begin in the PetExec menu under Scheduled Services-->Add Service Type.  Service types added here will appear in the drop down box when you add/modify products & services.  Service types that you add here will also be used in the scheduled services module when scheduling appointments.  

  1. Add the name for the service type.
  2. Highlight color will be the color that appears on the Scheduled Services Calendar for the appointments scheduled with this service type.
  3. "Include in Scheduled Services Menu" will allow this scheduled service type to appear when scheduling appointments in scheduled services. (See Screen Shot below). If you are adding a service type for reporting purposes only, then there is no need to include.

If you select "Include in Scheduled Services Menu" you will see products and services for this service here, when scheduling appointments:

For more details on service types, see our Add Product / Services document.

Last Modified: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 at 04:02 PM