Maintain Existing Employees

Begin in the PetExec menu under Employees-->Maintain Existing Employees.

The Download Spreadsheet button will create a file of your active employees and employee type details,
   Search for the employee you need to modify. (Clicking the Search Button will pull up all employees.)
Click on the Delete button to delete an employee.   * Note that deleting an employee may impact reports like the Grooming Commission Report. If that is a concern, the account can instead be disabled by changing the username/password.

Click on the Edit button to make changes to the employee's information. The Edit button will take us to the Modify Employee page.

1. Assign the appropriate Employee Type to fit the employee's roles and responsibilities.  The employee type controls the different menu options and access for the employee.

2. Look & Feel - You can assign a specific Look & Feel Template. 

3. Highlight Color & Text Color for Highlight will display the employee's color combination in the grooming and time clock calendar as well as on the grooming dashboard.


4. Groomer - checking the groomer box will make that employee available in the groomer drop down box when scheduling grooming appointments.


  •      Groomer Commission (%) - a % value earned on associated grooming appointments (In order for the commission to be assigned correctly, the groomer needs to be assigned and the appointment must be signed in and checked out.) You can find the commission earned for a specific date range and groomer in the Grooming Commission Report.

5. Username - we recommend using an email address to avoid running into duplicates.  PetExec also recommends that each employee log into PetExec with a unique username and password.  It is this username and password that employees will use to log into your PetExec system.  If you need to take away an employee's access you can change their password here, or simply delete their username and password, disabling their access to the system.  Passwords will never be displayed for security reasons.

6.Email address entered for an employee will be used with the Employee Notification feature.  This is the email address where the email notifications will be delivered.

7. Cell phone entered for an employee will be used with the Employee Notification feature.  This is the number with the SMS notifications will be delivered.

8. You have the option to restrict employee logins to certain hours of the day. (This check is only made at login.)

9. Restrict by IP address gives you the option to restrict login to only the IP address you have entered in PetExec.  Click here for more details: Maintain Allowed IPs

10. Allow Override will allow this employee to utilize the override feature.  Click here for more details: Override Functionality.

11. Use Google 2FA Authenticator requires an employee have two different authentication factors when logging in.  Click here for more details: Two Factor Authentication.

12. PetExec also tracks login history.

13 Log History is a view of any changes made to the employee record.

Last Modified: Friday, October 25, 2019 at 10:40 AM