Scheduled Services Calendar

To access the scheduled services calendar begin in the PetExec menu under Scheduled Services-->Scheduled Services Calendar or by clicking on the Calendar button from the scheduled services dashboard.  

  1. Click to view scheduled services appointments by all employees, or select a specific employee from the drop down list to view the appointments assigned to that particular employee.
  2. Click to toggle the calendar view.  If the current view is weekly you will toggle week to week.  If the current view is daily, you will toggle day to day.  If the current view is monthly, you will toggle month to month.
  3. Click to select the monthly, weekly or daily view.
  4. Click on an appointment to go to the modify scheduled services pages for that appointment.  The appointments are displayed in the color that was assigned to the service types. Click here for more information on scheduled service type.
  5. Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment.  Based on the date and time where you click, the appointment will use that for the scheduled date and time for the appointment.  In this example the appointment would be scheduled at 8 am on Friday 3/5.  You can then select the specific scheduled service product that you want to schedule. ​​

The following application preferences are available for the scheduled services calendar:

From the PetExec menu, Company Preferences-->Application Preferences--> Scheduled Services.

From the PetExec menu, Company Preferences-->Application Preferences--> Miscellaneous-->Set the Default Start Date for Calendars.  

This preference will be set for all calendars (boarding, daycare, grooming, scheduled services).


Last Modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 04:30 PM