Maintain Scheduled Services Appointments

To maintain a scheduled service appointment, begin in the PetExec menu under scheduled services-->Maintain Scheduled Services Appointment.  This menu option is helpful if you are updating an appointment that is scheduled for a future date.  

From this menu option,

  1. Search for the pet by pet name, owner last name, or owner email (you do have to enter information in this search box).
  2. Click the search button.
  3. When the correct pet is identified click the select button to access the scheduled service appointments for that pet. 

When the pet is selected you have a list of the scheduled services appointments for that pet.  From this screen:

  1. Click the button to modify the Scheduled Services Appointment (see additional details below).
  2. Check to box to delete the Scheduled Services Appointment. (Do keep in mind that deleting an appointment that has been signed in will NOT remove it from the cart.)
  3. You also have the option to "Toggle Check Boxes" and delete selected appointments to delete multiple appointments at once. 

If you wish to modify a scheduled service appointment for the current day, you can see those appointments on the scheduled service dashboard. 

Once you are in in the Modify Scheduled Service screen you can change the details of the appointment.  For more information on adding an initial appointment see the documentation for "Add Appointment".

There are some unique options when you are in modify scheduled services:

Click to change this scheduled appointment to a new owner/pet.  You will need to re-select the service when assigning to a new owner/pet.

There is also the option to reset the sign in status for an appointment when updating or deleting the record.

  1. Click the checkbox.
  2. Click the "Update" button. Resetting the sign in status will no longer show this pet as signed in to this service on the Scheduled Services Dashboard and gives you the opportunity to sign the pet into the service after it has been modified. NOTE: Resetting the sign in status does NOT modify the shopping cart.  Once a pet is signed into a service, that service is added to their shopping cart.  If the service is modified, after the pet was signed in, that original service may have to be deleted from the shopping cart if in fact it was not performed.
  3. Click to delete this record. (Again, keep in mid that the item is NOT deleted from the cart if it was already signed in.)

Also note the appointment history at the bottom.

Last Modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 04:35 PM