Email Blast

Email blasts are way to send emails to your owners, employees, or vets.

To create an email blast begin in the PetExec menu under Company Preferences-->Email Blast.

This section below has the "dynamic replacement values" for the email.  These are variables that you can include in the content of your email and PetExec will pull the data from the system so your clients can receive a customized email. 

 Simply copy and paste, make sure you include the two underscores before and after the field name.  PetExec will pull the information from the system and include it in the email.

Email Options allow you to select the background color:


Selecting an image in the Custom Header Image drop down will display the image below.

Show Company Logo will display your logo I the top left corner of the email. 

Show Owner Portal Login will display a login button in the top right corner of the email. When clicked it will direct your customers to the PetExec login page for the owner portal.

Show social media links will display buttons with links to your social media pages. You can set up your social media links in Company Preferences-->Communication Settings-->Social Media Links.

The following are the Email Blast Details; there is where you select the recipients of the email and input the content of the email:

1. Who do you want to send this to?  From this drop down you can select, employees, owners, or vets.  If you select owners you will see the additional fields for Owner Filter and Breeds.  You will not see these fields if you select Employees or Vets as they do not apply.

2. Owner filter allows you to filter by All Owners, Only Owners who have ordered, Only Owners who have NOT ordered, or Only Owners who have expired Pet Vaccination Records**. If you select Owners with an order option, you can then filter even further and select either all order types, or choose from the drop down list of your products and/or services. You can then enter the date related to those orders. ‚ÄčThese fields shown below will appear when you select one of the owner order options.

3. If it is relevant, you can also filter by Pet Breed.

4. Email subject will be the subject line of the email.  Dynamic replacement values with an asterisk can be included in the subject line.

5. Email content is the message of your email.  You can copy and paste from the dynamic replacement values above (for example dear __OWNER__).  Formatting options are available as well. 

You then have the following options.  

6. Email Preview will send the email to the email address associated with the employee logged in.  This will allow you to send an email to yourself to see how it appears in your inbox.   The email address that will receive the email is displayed.

7. Save & Blast will save a copy of the email blast details below and send the email to the recipients that meet the selected criteria.

8. Save & Preview will save your changes and open the email in a different window allowing you to see a draft of what you have created.

9. Save Only will save the email blast detail in the Saved Email Blasts section for future use.  This is a good option if you are still working on an email and want to save it for later.

1. You will see saved emails at the bottom of the screen.  Click Load to see the details of the email in the screen above.  Delete old emails no longer needed.

2. Email blast history will show you the emails that have been successfully blasted. You will see the email title, and the number of email addresses that received that email blast.   Click on the number button to see the list of email recipients.

Note: You can also see email blast history from the owner record.  Go to Modify Owner and click email history.  From this menu option you can resend emails to individual owners.


While you cannot attach a document to an email, you can include a link to a document.  Click her for step by step instructions on linking documents within emails.

**Note about email blast to Owners with Expired Pet Vaccination records: 

You can use this email to reach all of your owners who have expired vaccination records already on file.  The Upcoming Vaccinations Email within modify email content will send a reminder if a pet vaccination is getting ready to expire. If the vaccination has already expired, this is the email you will want to use to notify those owners.

Last Modified: Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 04:34 PM