Boarding Calculator

To access the boarding calculator begin in the PetExec menu, Daycare & Boarding-->Boarding Calculator.

  1. Select the start and end date for the duration of the boarding.
  2. Indicate the food choice.  Items included in this drop down list are the products with the service type = "food".  If you select a food item with a price, the system will calculate the food cost based on the number of pets and the amount of feeding times selected.
  3. Indicate the feeding times for the pets included in the estimate.  This will be included in the calculation of food costs if you have selected a food choice that has an associated cost.
  4. Select the kennel type, number of pets and number of kennels for the boarding.
  5. Click to calculate the boarding costs.  
  6. Summary of the estimated boarding costs.  See notes based on the preference to include or exclude the last day of boarding.
  7. Estimate of your kennel count availability based on your current occupancy and other scheduled boardings.


Last Modified: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 01:50 PM