Move Daycare to Boarding

This functionality is designed to be used in the rare cases where a daycare pet is not picked up. (They are unexpectedly required to stay the night.)

To access the Move Daycare to Boarding option begin in the PetExec menu Daycare & Boarding-->Move Daycare to boarding.

All pets currently signed into daycare will be listed here.  For the pet you would like to move follow these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate boarding product/service from the drop down list.
  2. Check to box to "move" pet.
  3. Click the "Move Selected Daycare Pets to Boarding" button.  You can move more than 1 pet at one time. Just make sure you select the appropriate boarding product for each pet.

The pet(s) moved will then appear on your boarding dashboard.  You can click on the appropriate "edit boarding" button to modify the boarding. 


  1. This feature is not to be used when a pet has a scheduled boarding appointment. This functionality will create a new boarding and it could result in duplicates.
  2. If moving multiple pets from the same family, keep in mind that each pet will have their own boarding appointment.
  3. There is a relevant application preference, located in Main Menu--> Company Preferences --> Application Preferences --> Boarding, which will either add the boarding charge, or replace the daycare charges.
    • Daycare to Boarding Addition
      When selected, will add a separate boarding charge in addition to the existing daycare charge when moving a pet from daycare into boarding; otherwise, it will replace the daycare with the boarding charge. This feature is only used when they are using the "Move Daycare to Boarding".
Last Modified: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 09:46 PM