Boarding Daily To-Do

To access the Boarding Daily To-Do report begin in the PetExec menu Daycare & Boarding-->Boarding Daily To-Do.

The Boarding Daily To-Do list is a report of your feeding and medication to-do's for your pets signed into Boarding.  The data on this report comes from the "Modify Boarding-->Boarding Pets" screen.  

  1. Search by date.
  2. Select Food & Medication; just Food: or just Medication in the type drop down box.
  3. Select the range for the report:  all day, morning only, lunchtime only, or evening only.
  4. Click "search" to generate the report.
  5. The report can then be viewed in the different formats listed here.


The following is an example of the Boarding Daily To Do report for both food and medication for all day:

The number of entries for the feeding times and the notes come from the Modify Boarding-->Boarding Pets screen. For example, this is the Boarding Pets page for Roxy Jones:


NOTE:  When updating details for the boarding daily to do report make sure you are going into the Edit Boarding, NOT the Modify Pet Info:  The following screen shot is from the boarding dashboard.

Last Modified: Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 11:11 PM