Modify Boarding - Daily Details

The following is an overview of the details that appear on the "Daily Details" button accessible when you access the Modify Boarding page. You can click the  or the  buttons from the dashboard or from your main menu under Daycare & Boarding--> Modify Boarding.  For additional information on how to get to this screen please see documentation for "Modify Boarding Overview".

The button that you have selected will show in DARK BLUE.  You can click any of the buttons on the top of the screen to navigate to those pages while editing the boarding. 

The following options are available on the "Daily Details" page:

  1. Click on the owner name to access the owner menu items.
  2. The price of the boarding services can be modified for each day of the boarding on this page.  Click "Update Prices" to save changes.
  3. You can also manually assign kennels for each day of the boarding.  Click "Update Locations" to save changes

**See important notes below about using the "Daily Details" page to modify a boarding.

NOTES:  By making these changes on the "Daily Details" page, you are manually overriding the assignments from the initial boarding reservation.  When the boarding prices are modified on this page, you are replacing the default prices. Keep in mind that if the boarding appointment is modified (i.e. the dates change) the prices will go back to the original prices that are indicated in the boarding product selected and you may need to modify the daily prices again. We recommend that you use this section with caution and remember to update as needed if the boarding appointment changes.

If Kennel assignments are made on a day by day basis on this page, they are manual kennel assignments, and PetExec will not do any error checking related to kennel availability.  If one kennel is assigned on the boarding pets page, and a different kennel assignment is made on the services/assignments page, PetExec will continue to hold the original kennel assignment as unavailable for future boardings for the dates of the boarding reservation. We recommend that you use this section with caution and remember to update as needed if the boarding appointment changes.

This Daily Details page is best used when you do not have ONE kennel available for the entire length of a pet's boarding stay, but you have day by day availability in different kennels and would like to reflect the actual location of a pet.  You can assign the kennels day by day in the Daily Details page. This section also allows you to charge custom prices for different days of a pet's stay, but again be cautioned that the prices can go back to the default pricing if the boarding appointment is updated.





Last Modified: Thursday, June 09, 2016 at 06:45 PM