Modify Boarding - Modify Boarding Schedule

The following is an overview of the details that appear on the "Modify Boarding Schedule" button accessible when you click "edit boarding".  You can click the  or the  buttons from the dashboard or from your main menu under Daycare & Boarding--> Modify Boarding.  For additional information on how to get to this screen please see documentation for "Modify Boarding Overview".

Modify Boarding Schedule:  The button that you have selected will show in DARK BLUE.  You can click any of the buttons on the top of the screen to navigate to those pages while editing the boarding.  Within Modify Boarding Schedule you have several options:

  1. Click on the pet name to access the pet menu options.
  2. You can print or view either the Web or PDF scorecard for the pet.
  3. Modify the status of the boarding to either active or deleted.  
  4. Resend the boarding email will resend the email content that is set up in Modify Email Content-->Boarding Email.
  5. Invoice estimate will provide an invoice estimate for this boarding stay.
  6. Add deposit will take you to the owner payment/refund screen and allow you to take a payment from an owner as a boarding deposit. Please note, the application preferences under company preferences-->application preferences-->boarding-->exclude boarding deposits as credits will reserve the boarding deposit for the boarding, rather than apply it as a credit to the owner's account.
  7. Boarding details are the details of the boarding that were updated when the boarding was scheduled.  You can modify them here. Notes added in this section will be displayed on the boarding and combined in-house dashboards as well as the score cards.
  8. Boarding services is the pricing you selected for this boarding.
  9. Kennel Count will show you your kennel availability for the boarding service you selected for the date range of the boarding.
  10. Boarding History tracks the changes that are made to the boarding.

Last Modified: Thursday, June 09, 2016 at 06:54 PM