Employee Sign-In

To select employee sign in begin in the PetExec menu under Time Clock-->Employee Sign In.

If you have the Time Clock Menu option on the menu carousel, you can click there, and it will direct you to the Employee Sign in Screen as well.

  1. Click to see the current time card schedule
  2. Click to go to the calendar view of the time card schedule
  3. Click to modify the sign in status and sign-in an employee.

Click to modify will allow you to modify the sign in type:

  1. Username and password.  These fields will be available if you have the application preference selected to required a user name and password.  To remove the user name and password at login go to Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Miscellaneous-->Disable Time Card Logins.
  2. Select a sign in type.
  3. Update Status.

 To see a report of the hours worked by an employee begin in the PetExec menu under Reports-->Timecard Payroll Report.  You can search for hours by date or a date range.

Last Modified: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 01:55 AM