Modify Employee Schedule

To modify an existing schedule for an employee, begin in the PetExec menu under Time Clock-->Modify Employee Schedule.

  1. Begin by entering search criteria like the employee name, or click "Search" and leave criteria blank to see all schedules for the date or date range selected above.
  2. Click Edit to edit the time card schedule.  You can then modify the schedule and click "modify schedule" to save changes.
  3. Click Delete to delete the time card schedule.  You can use the "toggle all checkboxes" and "delete selected scheduled times" buttons to delete multiple schedules at one time.

**Note to make changes to a reoccurring schedule for an employee, it is more efficient to delete all the occurrences of the schedule and add the employee schedule back in the system with the changes. Otherwise you have to update each occurrence individually. 


Once you select edit you will have the option to add an employee record to the time card schedule.  This is important to note when creating employee types.  Employee types that have access to the modify employee schedule will then also have access to add a modify an employee time card record via this function.


The following are the steps to add or modify an employee record:

  1. Modify the sign in date/time
  2. Select the sign in type
  3. Modify the sign out date/time
  4. Select the sign out type
  5. Click to delete the time slot record
  6. Click to update times.
  7. Log History will show a record of the changes made.

Last Modified: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 01:21 AM