Modify Boarding - Overview

To modify a boarding begin in the PetExec menu under Daycare & Boarding-->Modify Boarding or you can click the  or the  buttons from the dashboard 

You can search by the following:

  1. Date Range
  2. Search Criteria (pet name or owner last name).  Entering a search string will override the date range.
  3. Include all will pull up all current boardings (those checked in) as well as scheduled boardings.

Once you click "search" you have the following options:

  1. Click to edit or modify the boarding (we will cover these options in more detail below)
  2. Sign into the boarding.
  3. Resend Email will resend the boarding email to the owner. 
  4. Delete the scheduled boarding.
  5. Link to the owner menu. If you click on the owner name here you will have access to the owner menu options.

Let's look at the edit boarding option (1 in the above screen) in more detail.  When you click on the Edit Boarding button above you have the following options at the top of the screen:

  1. Click to access the owner menu options
  2. Click to schedule another boarding for this same owner
  3. Modify Boarding Schedule allows you to modify the details for this boarding including boarding details, boarding services and kennel count for the scheduled days.  See Modify Boarding Schedule documentation for more details on this page.
  4. Boarding Pets allows you to assign the kennel for the pet(s) for the length of the boarding stay, and modify pet details like feeding and medications.  See Modify Boarding - Boarding Pets documentation for more details on this page. 
  5. Associated Services allows you to schedule additional services like grooming, scheduled services and daycare along with a boarding reservation.  Additional services scheduled through Associated Services will be cancelled or rescheduled if the boarding is cancelled or rescheduled. See Modify Boarding - Associated Services documentation for more details on this page.
  6. Daily Details allows you to MANUALLY modify boarding prices and kennels day by day for the boarding reservation.  If you assign kennels through the services/assignments option, it REMOVES all error checking for kennel availability.  This option does allow you to schedule kennels day by day for pet and is helpful when trying to fit a pet into kennels when you do not have one continuous kennel available for the entire length of the boarding stay. See Modify Boarding - Daily Details documentation for more details on this page. 


Last Modified: Thursday, June 09, 2016 at 06:36 PM