Boarding

Note: A pet must be scheduled for boarding in order to sign them into boarding.  Signing a pet into boarding creates an active shopping cart for that owner.  PetExec begins the process of calculating the boarding charges for the duration of the boarding based on the boarding services selected for that boarding. 

The Scheduled boarding dashboard will show all pets scheduled to arrive on the current day.  From the scheduled boarding dashboard:

1) Search for a pet by pet name or owner name.

2) Click "Sign In" to sign the pet into the boarding.

3) Click to see the details of the boarding (see screen shot of details page below)

4) Click to see appointment notes added to the boarding.If appointment notes exist this icon will appear.

5)Pet information is displayed via vaccination advisories, pet advisories, pet notes.Hover over the icons for details. Click on the pet note icon to see pet notes that are either “behavioral” or “boarding” note type.

6) Associated services will be displayed here if they exist for the boarding.You will se the service type and the number of services scheduled during this boarding appointment. Click details to see more information related to these services.

7) Click to edit the boarding (change dates, services, associated services etc).Click to delete the boarding. Click to see score card options for the pets included in this boarding.You can also print all related score cards at the bottom of the dashboard.

8) Application preferences related to the signing in services and add ons with boardings are displayed, as well as redirects, or where you want PetExec to go when a boarding is signed in. See additional details below.


Scheduled Boarding Details modal window:

Changes to drop-downs and/or checkboxes apply if the boarding is signed in from this page. Changes are not saved/applicable if the window is closed without signing in the boarding.

1) Click to assign a kennel for each pet.

2) Change the redirect default.

3) Toggle the checkbox(es) to Automatically Sign in All Scheduled Services or Boarding Add Ons

4) Sign-In the boarding.

To close this window click anywhere outside of this page or on the close button at the bottom of the page.

There four application preferences that are related to this Scheduled Boarding dashboard and signing in boardings.  If these preferences are enabled that are displayed  on the bottom of the scheduled boarding dashboard. 


The Sign In Boarding Menu Option will allow you to search for a pet when signing a pet into boarding, as well as search for boarding appointments by date range or owner/pet.  You also have the option to search for boardings for a future date range and print all the related boarding score cards that have a start date during the date range.



Last Modified: Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 10:04 AM