Application Preferences

Application preferences provide many of the controls for the different areas and modules of your system.

To access application preferences, begin in the PetExec menu, company preferences-->application preferences.  

1) There are several different tabs for each of the area/modules in your system.  Each tab has a unique list of preferences.  Click on the appropriate tab to see the preferences for that area/module.

2) Read the description for the application preference to determine if it is something you want to enable/disable for your business.

3) Check the box based on the description provided to enable or disable.

4) Click Update Preferences to save your changes.

If you are new to PetExec and just setting up your system, we recommend you read through the application preferences, and as you become more familiar with the system and how you want to integrate your business processes, come back to this section to make the appropriate changes.  We also recommend testing thoroughly to ensure the preference you select creates the desired result in the system.

Some of these application preferences are described in more detail in the subject area to which they directly apply.


Last Modified: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 09:04 PM