Alternative Price Types

To modify the names of the alternative price types begin in company preferences-->alternative price types.

The Alternative Price Type function allows you to set up to five (5) different price points related to pet breed. These prices are then used to set pricing for grooming services based on the breed.

Follow these steps to set up the alternative price type function:

1.  Name the types and click save list.  

2.  Associate the prices with the breeds via Pet Breeds -> Modify Existing Breed.

3. Set up the pricing in Products & Services for your grooming services.  You can then define a unique price point for each of the alternative price types named above.  You must select grooming as the service type to see the alternative price type fields.

In this example, when you schedule a "Full Groom" service for a pet that is an affenpinscher​ the price for that service will default to the price entered for the "small" alternative price type.

Note: When scheduling appointments for pets from the same family, but different breeds, be sure to schedule each one individually in order to pull the appropriate breed pricing for each pet.


Last Modified: Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 12:17 PM