Kennel Count

To set up your Kennel Count begin in the PetExec menu; Main Menu --> Company Preferences--> Boarding Settings --> Kennel Count.

Setting up your kennels is an important step to avoid overbooking specific-sized kennels.  In general, it is always easier to have something like Small, Medium and Large (whatever grouping you want) in the Kennel Count then assign boarding services under them. This will give you a lot of flexibility albeit with a little more complexity but most of all, the ability to have an accurate boarding count for each kennel type/size.  The Associated Boarding Services are what are used when scheduling a boarding.  The services are associated with the kennel count, which PetExec then uses to manage your space and not allow you to overbook based on the number of kennels entered here.

In the following example, there are groupings of small, medium, large, and “Luxury” kennels or suites. Each kennel/suite has a number of boarding services assigned to it.  The Kennel Description will appear in the owner/client portal when owners are scheduling a boarding appointment.  You can use this description field to describe the kennel space for your owners/clients.

To add a kennel:

  1. Enter the name of the type of kennel or space
  2. Enter the description for the owner portal
  3. Enter the number of kennels for this type of kennel or space
  4. Highlight color and text color for highlight will be used in the Boarding Count by Service and Boarding Count by Kennel, it is helpful to visually identify your kennel.
  5. Sort order will control the order in which these kennels appear here and in the following screens: Boarding Count by Service, Boarding Count by kennel, Boarding by Kennel, and the bottom of the Boarding Snap Shot.
  6. Click Modify Kennel to save your changes.
  7. Once associated boarding services have been added you will see them displayed with each kennel type here.  Click to edit a kennel, the details for that kennel will appear in the top part of the page to be modified.

For example, you might have "Happy Dog Med Suite - Boarding 1 Dog", "Happy Dog Med Suite - Boarding 2 Dogs" products/services that are associated with the "Medium" Kennels/Suites. You might also have "Happy Dog Xl Suite - Boarding 1 Dog", "Happy Dog XL Suite - Boarding 2 Dogs", products/services etc. for the XL sized kennels/Suites. It is easy to build something similar for whatever other sizes/groupings you have.

In this example, you can create your associated services under each of your Kennels to assign pricing for how you would assign pets to those kennels.  For example "Happy Dog Med Suite - 2 dogs" would be your pricing for 2 dogs sharing one kennel.  

When someone schedules a boarding, you can easily determine which size kennel you will need to reserve based on the size of the pet(s) thereby maintaining control of the count of each kennel type. While it may seem a duplication of services, you will avoid overbooking a specific sized (or other “themed”) kennel type.

The above list shows some example services and prices. Note that the prices for additional dogs are cumulative and there isn’t a separate per-dog charge. This allows you a great deal of flexibility where you can group multiple dogs in one kennel and even include multiple kennels or service types depending on the needs of the owner.

A simpler example would be where all the kennel sizes were the same or you had no size limits.  In that case, you can define one kennel type, and then add associated products/services.

Once you set up your kennel count, you then set up your boarding products and services (these are the associated services in the screen shot above).  See the this link for more information on adding a boarding product/service. 

You can also view this PDF for instructions on setting up kennels and boarding services

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