Adding A Group Training Class

Before adding a group training class to the system, an associated product/service needs to be created in the Products & Services section.

Steps to add the Associated Service and price point:

1. Select Products & Services from the menu
2. Go to Add Product/Service
3. Fill out the Form
4. Make sure the service type is "Group Training"
5. Click the "Add Service" button to add it to the system

Once you have the product/service added you can add the group training class:

  1. Start and end dates should be defined for the duration of the group training class, rather than for one instance of the class.
  2. Class name will appear on materials for customers.
  3. Highlight color can be used on the Group Training Calendar to visually identify a training class.
  4. Default sign in or start time for the class.
  5. Assign to service that was created for the price point for this class. (See steps above).
  6. Number of classes is the number of instances for this particular group training session.  Once the class is added here, you have the option to modify scheduled dates and times from the modify class screen.
  7. Number of spots available is the number of pets allowed per class.
  8. Click to add class.

Once you have added a training class, you will see the follow message appear on the bottom of the screen. 

It is important to then click to modify the dates and times for each of the training classes that are offerred in this group training class.  Click to see details on how to modify a group training class.  



Last Modified: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 01:48 PM