Add Appointment (Grooming) (Grooming doc prior to 3.8.2 before the copy option was added)

To schedule a grooming appointment for a pet, you have a few options. All of these options will direct you to the same add grooming screen:

  1. From the main menu, select Grooming -->Add Appointments
  2. From anywhere you access the pet's menu to select Schedule a Grooming. 
  3. From the grooming dashboard, schedule grooming button.


Once you pick your path, you will arrive in the Schedule Grooming form. 

  1. Pet information is displayed from the Pet Record.
  2. If there are multiple pets for an owner, you will see them listed here.  If multiple pets are selected, PetExec will schedule using the appointment details below for each pet.
  3. Select from available services.  PetExec will display all those services with service type "grooming".  You can also use the filter option to search for a service.
  4. Select the scheduled date or date range for the service.  If reoccurring services are scheduled, PetExec will create one appointment for each of those reoccurring services.  If you need to delete the schedule, you will have to delete each service individually.
  5. Select Appointment details.  Employees with the Groomer check box will be displayed in the Groomer drop down list. This will assign a specific groomer for this service. At checkout, the assigned groomer is then associated with the appropriate commission(s). 
  6. Notes entered here are specific to the grooming appointment and can be displayed for future appointments. The Prior Grooming Notes section will display up to the latest 5 notes from previous appointments. Clicking on the date of a note will copy the note into the current appointment's note field.
  7. Click to schedule appointment.
  8. Other appointments scheduled for the same date are displayed below.

Last Modified: Friday, August 13, 2021 at 02:43 PM