Schedule Boarding

To schedule a boarding appointment for a pet, you have a few options. All of these options will direct you to the same scheduled boarding screen:

  1. From the main menu, select Daycare & Boarding --> Schedule Boarding
  2. From anywhere you access the pet's menu to select Schedule a Boarding. 
  3. from the boarding dashboard, schedule boarding button.



Once you pick your path, you will arrive in the Boarding Sign-In form.

  1. Select the pets to include in the boarding.  If an owner has multiple pets, you will see all pets listed and can select the appropriate pets to include in the boarding.  
  2. The Estimated Sign-In Time and the Estimated Pick-Up Time will default to 12:00 PM unless a specific time is entered.  Default Sign in and Boarding End Times can be set in Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Boarding.  Boarding end time can be used along with application preferences to add a daycare fee after the boarding end time.  Customer Requested Pick-up is informational only.
  3. Scheduler Name / Initials - This field can be required by using application preference Require Scheduler Name / Initials. (Company preferences-->Application Preferences -->Boarding Tab)​​
  4. Last Scheduled Boarding is displayed by default.  It can be disabled in Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Boarding-->Disable New Boarding Presets.  Clicking on the boarding id from the Last Scheduled Boarding will open the modify boarding page in a separate tab.
  5. Boarding Services: The boarding services displayed are the items entered in Products & Services under the Boarding service type category. They will be displayed according to the product sort order # assigned.  Select the appropriate boarding service and then update the Qty/Day, 3 of pets, and # Kennels:
    •  The quantity per day number is multiplied by the Service price to calculate the daily total cost for each service selected.

      The # of pets and/or kennels does not impact the calculation of the boarding cost.

      The # Kennels field reserves spaces in your kennel count, managing your occupancy.

      Click for more Examples of boarding services and possible selections.

  6. Click to schedule pets.  In this example we are boarding three pets.  One pet is staying in the Small suite, and 2 pets are sharing the Luxury Suite.
  7. Boarding Summary summarizes your selections.


7. Vaccination status will show you the status for all pets selected.

8. Kennel Count Estimate will show you what your current kennel count is on the dates selected for the scheduled boarding.  Clicking on the box under # scheduled will show you all pets scheduled using that same boarding service. (See screen show below).


Note about Boarding Packages:

If you are scheduling a boarding for a pet with an active boarding package, you will see that package at the top of the schedule boarding screen. You can check the box to use that boarding package for the scheduled boarding.

Boarding packages are tied to a specific boarding type, so when using a boarding package, you MUST select the same type of boarding as the package.​

Last Modified: Monday, November 27, 2017 at 04:26 PM