Schedule Daycare

To schedule a daycare appointment for a pet, you have a few options. All of these options will direct you to the same scheduled daycare screen:

  1. From the main menu, select Daycare & Boarding --> Schedule Daycare.
  2. From anywhere you access the pet's menu select Schedule a Daycare
  3. From the combined in-house or daycare dashboard, schedule daycare button.




Once you pick your path, you will arrive in the Schedule Daycare form.

  1. Pet Information is displayed from the Pet Record.
  2. Select the sign in type from the drop down list.  This list will include the "daycare" products and services.
  3. If the Nap checkbox is selected the pet will have an icon on the daycare dashboard to indicate nap requested.  They will also appear on the daycare daily to-do report.
  4. Select the lunch option from the drop down list.  This list will include the "food" products and services.  If you select a "food" product with an associated price, that price will be included at checkout.  If you select a lunch option, they will appear on the daycare daily to-do report.
  5. Select the date for the scheduled daycare. You can also scheduled multiple daycares using the "custom repeating" or "selected days during date range" options.
  6. Estimated drop off time is a required field.
  7. Select the drop off locations.  Drop Off locations can be maintained in the PetExec menu under Company Preferences-->Maintain Locations.
  8. Click button to Schedule Pets.

Daycare packages cannot be selected at scheduled daycare, but they can be selected at Daycare Signin.  Because daycares can be scheduled into the future, and daycare packages may or may not be active when the pet comes for daycare, they cannot be selected at the scheduled daycare screen.


Last Modified: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 06:04 PM