Add Product / Service - General Overview

From the PetExec main menu, go to Products & Services --> Add Product / Service.

The following is a description of all the fields on the add product/service screen.  For details and examples of how to add a product/service for a specific service type, use the links below:

1) Product Name will be displayed when scheduling a pet for a service, when adding an item to a customer’s cart/order, and on their receipt at checkout.

2) Service type is critical when adding products/services to PetExec.  Service type will default to additional charges when adding a new product, be sure to change it to the appropriate service type for the product/service you are adding.  The following are descriptions of the available service types, with links to additional documentation where available:

Boarding Service Type - Used when scheduling a boarding.

Boarding Package Service Type – Used when pre-selling set number of boarding nights.

Daycare Service Type – Used when scheduling or signing in a daycare.

Daycare Package Service Type – Used when pre-selling set number of daycare days.

Food Service Type – Products that will be displayed in the food drop down box when signing in a daycare, scheduling a daycare appointment, and/or in the schedule or modify boarding form.

Grooming Service Type – Used when scheduling a grooming service

Group Training Service Type – Used when creating a Group Training class or selling a seat in that class.

User Defined (Scheduled Service) Service Types – Used when scheduling a scheduled service (anything outside of daycare, boarding, grooming).  Add service types via Scheduled Services --> Add Service Type.

Additional Charges, Clothing, Product, Service, Toys and/or Treatment service types do not have special functionality within PetExec.  These can be selected to best fit your reporting structure.

3) Description of your product or service. 

4) Highlight color will allow you to see a colorized icon indicating that product has been added to the customers shopping cart.

5) SKU used for retail items and barcode scanners.

6) Price of the product or service.

7) Quantity should always be “1” except for daycare and/or boarding packages in which case the quantity should equal the number of days in the daycare and/or boarding package.

8) The number of paw points a customer will earn when they purchase this product/service.  Click here for more information on the paw points program.

9) Sort order, this field controls the order of products and services in various drop down menus.  See documents for specific service types for additional details.

10) Taxable - Click of you charge tax for this product/service.  PetExec will calculate taxes at checkout based on the tax rates entered at Company Preferences-->Financial Settings-->Maintain Taxes.

11) Hourly Service – Check the box if you want PetExec to calculate the product/service price hourly.  If checked the amount entered in the "Price" field should be an hourly rate.  PetExec calculates the appropriate fee at checkout based on sign in and sign out times. Every 6 minutes, a 10th of the total hourly rate is added.  PetExec will calculate hourly prices for Daycare, Grooming, and Scheduled Service products/services only.

12) Minimum One Hour Charge – Used with hourly service. When checked for the first hour, PetExec will charge the hourly fee regardless of the number of minutes. After that first hour, a 10th of the total hourly rate will be added every 6 minutes.

 13) No Commission applies only to grooming service types.  If checked, PetExec will not calculate commissions for those grooming products/services.

14) Include on EVERY Checkout - When checked, this item will show up on EVERY order processed. (For Example, a line item for a monthly donation campaign with $0 price. The line item would be on every order and employees could add a value if a customer chooses to donate.

15) Make Available to owners – Check the box for all services you want to make available to your owners on the PetExec Owner Portal.  This gives you the flexibility to add products and services, specifically for your owners to simplify the scheduling process.  It also allows you have product/service options available for your employees to schedule. 

16) Click to add product/service.

Inventory Tracking and Vendor information are used for retail items.

17) Track Quantity Left - PetExec will decrement the quantity every time this item is purchased or placed in the cart.  You can also see these items in the Product On-Hand Report.  When track quantity left is checked, and the quantity on hand is 0, you will get an error message when trying to add this product/service to the cart.

18) Hide Zero Quantity Left - When checked, PetExec will not allow the item to be purchased after reaching a Quantity On-Hand value of 0.  When the Quantity On Hand value reaches 0, PetExec will hide this item from the product/services list when making an owner purchase, modifying a cart, or adding products to an order.

19) Quantity On-Hand - Quantity in stock.  The Quantity On-Hand value is reduced when an item is added to the cart, or added to an order during the checkout process if the track quantity left is also selected. Quantity on hand can go into a negative value if the product is added to the cart, and then the quantity of the item in the cart is increased to a number that is greater than the current quantity on hand value.

20) Notes - Add a note about the retail product at your discretion.

21) Vendors can be added to PetExec from the PetExec menu-->Products & Services-->Add Vendor.  From that area of the PetExec menu you can also see a complete product list and modify vendors.

22) Capture the vendor price of the retail item.



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