Why do I have an owner in my system twice and how can I fix it?

Sometimes duplicate owner accounts are created by employees or the owners themselves by registering multiple times.  (For Admins: PetExec uses the username to check for duplicates. However, if the username is left blank, no checks are performed. From the company's specific owner registration link, PetExec uses the username to prevent duplicates. However, if the email address is already associated with an account for the company they are attempting to register for, the user will get a message stating that there is an account with that email address and they should use the reset password function to retrieve their login information)  

To remove duplicate owners, first determine which of the owner’s accounts is to be deleted/kept. For example, if one account has no orders in its Purchase History, and no boarding or daycare packages, it’s probably safe to delete it. Once you determine which account(s) you’d like to delete, go back to the Modify Owner search results and click the “Deactivate” link to the left of the appropriate account.  It may be useful to include a note in the owner’s account that is to be deleted explaining the reason (i.e. “Duplicate”), or perhaps change the owner’s name to reflect this (i.e. First Name: Kevin, Last Name: B-Duplicate).


- In order to retain historical records, an owner is never deleted. Owners are set to Inactive status and will be hidden from PetExec search results.

- To recover a deleted (Inactive/Deactivated) owner, go to Owners & Pets -> Reactivate Owner.

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:55 PM