Why can't I connect to PetExec?

PetExec runs on a number of servers on the Rackspace Cloud and contains multiple databases and web servers in case something goes wrong. Our main connection to https://secure.petexec.net/ is connected to a machine called a "load balancer" which is a machine that manages multiple servers serving PetExec customers. If one server goes down the other one(s) will still continue serving PetExec. This also helps spread the load across multiple servers and can speed things up.
In the event something goes wrong and there is a major network issue that affects multiple servers across our network, it may still be possible to connect to our backup server which is running the same version of PetExec and database. It can be located at: https://backup.petexec.net/login.php
Note: This bypasses the load balancer and most of the internal network and may be available if the other servers are offline for any reason. While no data will be lost, it will invalidate any logins when moving from one server to another. Don't be surprised

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 04:53 PM